Apollo Mission Control Console Mousepad MOCR 4/4

Apollo Mission Control Console Mousepad MOCR 4/4

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With as much time as you spend at your workstation, shouldn't it look the part?

Using the same attention to detail as the restoration of NASA's Mission Operations Control Room 2, our favorite NASA-phile has done it again and (re)created not just one, but FOUR DIFFERENT Mission Control Consoles in mousepad form! Use just one or mix and stack to give your home-office or office-office the high-tech-iness it deserves, because, let's face it, your iPad just doesn't have enough knobs and dials.

Printed on a mousepad of space-age high-density neoprene with a smooth fabric layer, because astrophysicists love layers.

7.79" X 9.25" with rounded corners.

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